I'm Hal Wilson, owner of H3 Custom Clothing. Like so many others, the pandemic put my custom suit business (and tailors & vendors I work with) on indefinite pause. It seemed the world stopped. Social distancing and face masks became commonplace. In this new normal, my wife Stephanie, my son Harry, and I all wanted to find a way to help.

Using the CDC guidelines we decided to form PPE by H3 to manufacture PPE coverup masks locally. With help from local fabric vendors we are able to offer a wide variety of designs to bring a little normalcy and levity into people's lives while providing an essential health function. For every 5 coverups that go out the door, we'll donate one to health workers, elderly care facilities, preschools and other places with high risk front line heroes. Helping people stay safe while helping local businesses survive these challenging times is our passion. Stay happy and stay well!